Suburban Home Health:

Raising the Standard for Community Care

For over 30 years, our mission has been the same—to serve our community by providing exceptional medical care and positive outcomes to homebound patients. Our agency first formed as Hancock Regional Home Health, and gradually expanded to serve an ever-widening array of counties in central Indiana.

Currently affiliated with Hancock Regional Hospital, Witham Health Services, and Riverview Health, Suburban Home Health works as the community care arm of those respected hospital systems, while also serving patients from other hospital systems and practices in the area.
Compassionate Care. Proven Results.

Our mission is three-fold:

  • We seek to provide exceptional medical care. The home health care providers in our practice are held to the highest standards of professionalism, skill, and expertise. We not only require credentials and education applicable to each position, but also enforce a rigorous program of continuing education and training on an ongoing basis to ensure provider skills are always up-to-date and sharp. You can trust our proven record of quality outcomes.
  • We emphasize compassion and caring for the whole person. While excellence in medical care and oversight is important, we know that it’s only part of the equation. To ensure the best possible outcomes, we seek to build relationships with each patient, seeing him or her as a whole person, and working with families and caretakers to enhance recovery and improve results.
  • We value and invest in the communities we serve. Our providers have deep roots in the communities they serve, and they see our work not just a job, but an investment in their neighbors. Suburban Home Health has a long history of community service and involvement, including investing in education and health-building programs for all ages.
With a heart for our patients and communities, and a strong commitment to medical excellence, Suburban Home Health raises the bar for quality home health care in central Indiana.