What Is Home Health Care?

People aren’t always sure what to expect when they hear the term “home health care.”  Unlike hospital care or companion care, home health care is not around-the-clock, and unlike outpatient care or doctor visits, it occurs in your home, on a regularly scheduled basis, with a goal of speeding your recovery and helping you regain your independence, or take an active role in your health maintenance plan.
Home Health Care Is Effective

Because your assigned home health care provider builds a relationship with you and works with all of your doctors as part of a collaborative team, you’ll see better results more quickly with home health care. Your provider will carefully monitor your condition and progress, making changes to your individualized care plan as needed to ensure your success. Patients who receive home health care dramatically lower their risk of readmittance to the hospital or a rehabilitation facility.

Home Health Care Saves Money

Because it’s not around-the-clock care and because you are cared for in your own home, costs are significantly reduced compared to long-term rehabilitation center residence or hospitalization. At the same time, the care you receive from your highly skilled and trained home health care provider will be individual, focused, and carefully coordinated with other doctors to prevent duplication or redundancy.

Home Health Care Is Short Term

Home health care is available for homebound individuals recovering from illness or injury, or who need help getting started in self-management of ongoing medical conditions. The focus of home health care is on recovery, education, and healing, and so most patients remain in a home health care program for around 60 days.

To find out more about home health care, or to see if you qualify, please contact Suburban Home Health. Our friendly staff is always happy to help you!