Frequently Asked Questions

What is home health?

Home health care provides excellent home-based care for people recovering from an illness or injury, or who are starting out in self-care for an ongoing condition. Home health care is effective, results-oriented, collaborative, and lowers medical costs. To learn more, please visit our Home Health Care page.

What do you treat?

Suburban Home Health Care providers treat a range of conditions, either as single issues or related problems. We work with your other doctors collaboratively to reduce confusion and provide better care. Although the conditions we treat vary from patient to patient, our services cover a wide range of expertise.

What can I expect on the first visit?

On your first visit, your home health care provider will conduct a thorough assessment, coordinating records from all of your physicians and including your family members and caregivers in a conversation to help define your health care goals. Part of our approach involves building relationships and a commitment to clear communication and education, so we make sure that all of your questions are answered and that your care is carefully monitored and adjusted as needed.

How often will visits be?

Because each of our patients is unique, each plan of care we develop is individualized. We develop care plans in collaboration with your doctors, and then carefully monitor and continually assess your condition to determine how often you require visits and what your treatment needs entail.

Do I have a choice of my provider?

Our first priority in assigning home health care providers is medical expertise. Once we have identified a provider whose skills match up with your needs, we consider location and other factors to ensure that you get the best match. We are committed to compassionate care and to building relationships and community, so your connection with your provider is very important to us.

Are you in my community?

Suburban Home Health currently serves counties in central Indiana, but we are always expanding. To find out if your community is part of our treatment area, please call our office.

Who is eligible for home health?

Your eligibility for home health care is based on a number of factors including:
  • A doctor’s prescription for home health care.
  • Your requirement for intermittent skilled nursing or therapy.
  • Your homebound status, as certified by a doctor.
If you have questions about your eligibility for home health care, please contact our office.

What does “homebound” mean?

The term “homebound” refers to individuals who are unable to leave the home without a walking device or the assistance of another individual, or for whom leaving home is medically inadvisable. Although the definition allows for short of infrequent absences from home, such as for religious services or to go to doctor’s appointments, generally speaking someone who is homebound will not leave home frequently or without considerable effort and assistance.

How long do you provide care?

Length of care varies by individual, but generally home health care plans last around 60 days. The goal of home health care is to speed recovery and ease transition to independent living, so most of our patients only require our services for 60 days or less.

Who pays for home health care?

Most insurance plans—including Medicare—cover at least a portion of doctor-prescribed home health care. For more information, please visit our Insurance page or contact our office to speak to a team member.

Do you work with my doctors?

Our philosophy of care includes working as a team with all of your doctors, reducing confusion and ensuring that all of your treatments work together effectively.