Home Health Care Services…

…Provided With Excellence and Compassion

Suburban Home Health Care provides a variety of medical services based on the individual needs of each patient.  Whether you need just one of our services or several, we ensure that your care is carefully monitored, coordinated, and designed for your needs and goals.  
A High Standard of Care

As the home health arm of Riverview Health and Hancock Regional Hospitals, we take our commitment to excellence seriously. With home health care you’ll receive professional, skilled services in the comfort of your home. Rather than having to go to the doctor’s office or be readmitted to the hospital or a rehabilitation facility, home health care enables you to speed and enhance your recovery in your own environment.

The Goal of Home Health Care

Our main goal is to keep our patients safe and on the path to healing at home. We work with you and your family or caregivers to improve your transition to home care, manage your condition, set goals, and reach them. Our philosophy of care is geared toward the whole person, so we’re outcome-driven and can point to proven results, but at the same time we’re committed to compassionate care and to building relationships with our patients. At every point along your journey to recovery we will answer questions, educate you and your family, and carefully monitor your condition to enhance your progress.

Collaborative, Individual Medical Plans to Enable Better Outcomes

We work with your doctors as a collaborative team, cutting down on confusion and ensuring that all parts of your care combine smoothly. Your assigned home health care provider will work with you, your other doctors, and your family or caregivers to set achievable health goals and help you to achieve success, reducing your chance of needing readmission to the hospital or rehabilitation center. Our team approach improves care and outcomes across the board.

Suburban Home Health Care Services

Our list of services includes: